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Tax Planning Services

Expertise Matters

The complexity of the U.S. federal tax code and regulations, along with state and local taxes, can be overwhelming. Our expertise in tax planning, structures, and strategies, combined with our dedication to staying abreast of the regular changes in the law, allows us to help you navigate the unique challenges you’ll face on your financial journey.

Navigating Complex Tax Issues

You can expect our team to understand your vision and implement the appropriate tax strategies to help you stay on course. We provide:

  • Comprehensive reviews of your tax return highlighting possible opportunities for maximizing tax reduction strategies (deduct, defer, divert, and convert)
  • Reviews of your tax situation to incorporate any new tax law changes
  • Consultation with your CPA as needed
  • Discussion of tax solutions, including tax-advantaged investments
  • Development of tax-efficient pre-retirement and post-retirement income and distributions by analyzing marginal tax brackets and determining whether to take money from taxable, tax-deferred or tax-free buckets
  • Discussion of tax-advantaged strategies such as 401(k)/profit sharing and defined benefit plans
  • Optimization of retirement plan distributions by analyzing net unrealized appreciation (NUA), after tax contributions
  • Discussion of the benefits of a Health Savings Account to pay for post-retirement medical expenses
  • Exploration of tax-advantaged ways to save for college

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